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About Us

Sifonco Corporation was established at the year 1999 by Stephen Chen. For the past 2 decades, the main items for this company are furniture and house ware accessories. And the main export market was focused on Islamic world.
For meeting the requirement of eco-friendly environment, we invent "Electric mini truck" (somebody called it as Electric Light Lorry). These electric cargo vehicles are suitable for schools, hospitals, parks, museums, stadiums, technology factories..etc. We sincerely hope that these Electric Mini Trucks might be helpful to the environment; and we believe that you will love it.

Sifonco love our environment

We strive for excellence:
◇ Offer safe and reliable products for people.
◇ Provide people reliable cargo vehicle, let you move your goods in style.
◇ Concern the market needs and industrial development, always improve electric mini trucks better.
◇ Promote the tourism transportation industry. Offer better and easy light vehicles.

You are most welcomed to visit our website, and your ideas or suggestions are valuable to us, please leave your comments here.


Mailing Address: 3F-11, No. 236, Sec. 2, Xitun Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, TAIWAN.

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