Electric light lorry: Sample developing (Actual data 2018 Oct.26)

Since we start the business of "Surrey Bikes",
A lot of potential clients called us and asked
about "Electric Trucks",
The main reasons are:
1. Short distance cargo carry.
2. Dislike the smell of gasoline.
3. Normal truck is too big and too expensive.
4. Particular space, unable to use fuel equipment.. and so on.

We evaulate the situation, discovered that there is must be a requirement for specific people about electric mini truck. Every time when we think about that the fuel cost is very less, and the maintenance is almost nothing, it is worth for developing this item - Electric mini trucks.

After discussion, we make a brief as follow: 1.If the cargo is less than 200 kgs, utilize 24Volt control system. 2.If the cargo is more than 500 kgs, utilize 36Volt control system. 3.If the cargo is between 200 kgs to 500 kgs, let customers make the choice for 24V or 36V. 4.Difference for 24V and 36V: 36V is more powerful and consume more energy. 5.Consume more energy means that when using the same capacity battery, usage time become less. 6.Truck load bucket (cargo bed), Three sizes, they are: 70*90 cm (small), and 77*115 cm (medium), and 80*150 cm (large). 7.The capacity for LiFePO4 battery pack: 24V80AH or 36V100AH. 8.The 24V80AH battery set is good for working 5 hours. 9.Max speeds fixed at 12 km/hour or 15 km/hour or 18km/hour. 10.Tailer made service for load bucket (cargo bed) and battery set. 11.No worry about replacing tires when Solid tires are utilized. 12.The maxium cargo load: 500 kgs.

Prototype sample developing (MT-401),
data is as follow:
1.(Drive) forward 18 km/hour.
2.(Drive) reverse 8 km/hour.
3.(First gear) forward 9 km/hour.
4.(First gear) reverse 3 km/hour.

Electric cargo mover, Electric mini trucks, Photos:

Concept car for Miniruck-Electric light lorry, Electric cargo vehicle

Concept car for Miniruck: We use 4 person surrey bike body (ETC-400), take off the rear seat, put the pallet, add 1st gear, here comes the prototype.
(date 2018 Oct.05)

Solid tires for mini truck (no gas filled)

It is really difficult to find - Solid tires(no gas-filled), each solid tire can support 300kgs.(Date: 2018 Oct.08)

Add solid tires for rear wheels-Electic light lorry

Add solid tire for rear wheels.(Date:2018 Oct.16)

Disk brakes for rear wheels(bike parts)

Disk brakes for rear wheels (bike parts).(Date:2018 Oct.16)

Aluminum truck pallet(cargo bed)

Truck Pallet (This cargo bed sample is made of aluminum 90*100 cm)(We plan it to be made of iron plate, and size 90x120 cm)(date: 2018 Oct.16)

Canopy reinforcement

With truck pallet (cargo bed) and solid tires (rear wheels),Canopy Reinforcement.(date:2018 Oct.16)

Different sizes for cargo bed-mini truck

Sizes for truck pallet (cargo bed):
(Small) 90*105 cm.
(Medium) 97*165 cm.
(Large) 120*180 cm.

This sample 90*100 cm(aluminim plate),just for demostration.
(date:2018 Oct.16)

Brushless DC Motor for mini truck

Brushless DC Motor
24Volt system, we use 800 Watt DC motor or 1200 Watt DC motor.
36Volt system, we use 1500 Watt DC motor.
(date:2018 Oct.16)

Special designed rigid forks for light lorry

Special designed rigid forks, the mini truck forks for matching solid tires and wheel frame.(date:2018 Oct.25)

Front disk brake (bike parts)

Front disk brake (bike parts),(date:2018 Oct.25)

Solid tires for front wheels and rear wheels.

We utilized solid tires for front wheels and rear wheels.(date:2018 Oct.25)

Front view of an electric mini truck

Front view of an electric mini truck(date:2018 Oct.26)

Cargo loaded on electric ligh lorry.

Cargo loaded on electric ligh lorry.(date:2018 Oct.26)

Cargo bed for mini truck

Cargo bed for mini truck(date: 2018 Dec.06)

Cargo bed match the surrey bike body

Cargo bed match the surrey bike body(date: 2018 Dec.06)

Cargo bed sizes

Cargo bed sizes(date 2018 Dec.13)

The fresh look of an electric light lorry vehicle.

The fresh look of an electric light lorry vehicle. (date:2018 Dec.15)

New added cargo bed for electri mini truck

New added cargo bed for electri mini truck(date:2018 Dec.15)

We takes 75 days to finish the prototype sample.

We spent 75 days to finish the prototype sample.(date 2018 Dec.15)