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Electric Mini Truck-Small type (Discontinued)

Electric Light Lorry Truck-small, Photos:

Electri light lorry truck-small

Electric light lorry truck-Small

Electric light lorry truck-small


Sifonco Electric mini trucks are purely electric vehicles (PEV), they are eco-friendly and zero pollution. The trucks are designed for GREEN ENVIRONMENT such as technology factories, hospitals, art gallerries, museums, stadium, schools.
The operation method is the same as that of the motorcycle, it goes forward by gently turning the twist throttle, and stops by pulling the brake levers.


Model No.: MT-401(Discontinued)
Name: Electric Mini Truck-Small type (Discontinued)
Cargo bed size: 70*90 cm (2.3 by 3.0 feet)
Cargo bed wall height:  30  cm (1 feet tall)
Cargo bed from ground:  30  cm (bed bottom to ground 1 feet)
Car size: L 246 *   W 104 * H 173 cm
Person: 2 people
Suggested load: 200 kgs and below.
Net weight(without battery): 200    kgs.
Gross weight(with battery):       kgs.
Battery selection: 
1. Lead acid battery 12V50AH *2
2. LiFePO4 battery set 24V60AH *1
Traveling distance: upto 60 km.
Motor:1.6 HP( horse power) (1200 Watt)
Motor type: DC
Motor rotating speed: 1800 RPM ~ 3600 RPM
Car Speed: 18 km/hour
Gradeability: 25 degrees
Turning method: Bike handlebars
Brake method: disk brake (bike parts)
Wheels: 20 inches solid tires.
Lighting: 23 Watt LED.

The spec. might be changed according to customer's request.
Maximum load: 200 kgs. and below. (passengers weight is not included)